The Deviants (Deviants, #1-3)

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The Deviants (Deviants, #1-3) ePUB ebook download Be careful what you say. "I wish men lived on another planet!" Tory wasn't thinking when she blurted out those words to a strange woman at a bar. Now she's in Femmeland, a planet where all the inhabitants are female and where heterosexuals are considered deviants. Be careful what you think. Tory wouldn't mind indulging in a little deviancy if she could just find herself a male of the same mind. Captain Aric of Androvia, a virgin male, has a secret that could ruin his military career: Aric adores women. The world as they know it is about to change. Welcome to the hilarious and erotic world of Aric & Tory... The Deviants. [PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The Deviants: Volumes 1-3 were previously published as individual titles. They have been revised and re-edited for this combined edition.]

eBook The Deviants (Deviants, #1-3)

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