A Terrible Beauty

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A Terrible Beauty ePUB ebook download An ambitious and powerful account of modern Irish history in the words of those who experienced it first-handForty years after the Provisional IRA was formed and British troops arrived in Ireland, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness sit together as leaders of a devolved Northern Irish government, in which Sinn Fein and the Democratic Unionists share power. The Troubles appear to be over; the future promises to be quite different from the past. But recent events perhaps suggest otherwise, as old tensions rise to the forefront once more.In A Terrible Beauty, Irish history (from the Easter Rising and Partition through to the recent Troubles) comes alive through letters, diaries and meetings with those who experienced at first-hand the monumental changes of the past century. There are those whose lives have been shattered, those who have tried to ignore the realities, those who have attempted to bridge the divide, those who fought, those who do not want to look back, those who do not accept the peace process, and those who have stayed apart from the conflict. This is no simple history.The emotional, cultural and social experiences of individuals are aligned to the political story, making it a vivid and powerful narrative of turmoil, change and the search for a lasting peace.

eBook A Terrible Beauty

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