Lyla Evans

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Lyla Evans ePUB ebook download Lyla Evans thought she was beginning her career as a research analyst. Instead, she discovers that she is part of a sacred race called, the Warriors. A race of men and women born with special gifts to protect mankind from evil. Lyla will need to embrace her special abilities, her "gifts" in order to save the innocent. Fortunately, she is not alone. Alex St. James has promised his father to protect Lyla, even if it means setting aside his feelings for her. Protecting Lyla Evans was just another assignment for Alex St. James. Her newly found "gifts" will be a great asset to their organization. Similar to Lyla, Alex's life will never be the same. He soon discovers that someone in the organization is trying to kill Lyla. It gets even more complicated when he realizes that he is beginning to care about Lyla beyond his duty to protect her. This scares Alex the most since it would mean having someone in his life who he could lose.

eBook Lyla Evans

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