Rival's Desire

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I enjoyed the matchmaking schemes of the two lovable, yet meddlesome grandmothers.Despite the constant bickering that went on between their grandchildren, they could see the potential for a “perfect match”.Ms. Washington crafts a sweet, humorous and spicy read.The STEAMY intimacy is definitely HOT, HOT, HOT.I found myself LOL at the “high school-like” banter and antics between Caesar Morrison and Vivian Desmond.The witty dialogue and amusing storyline made for a fun, quick and romantic read.At times, I find it hard to believe Caesar and Vivian are adults; with their immature behavior, but it definitely makes for a entertaining and lively page-turner.The HIGHLY charged emotions between Caesar and Vivian just leapt off the pages.And once Caesar and Plum spend quality time together and stop fighting with each other; they discover they actually work well together, both in and out of the office.
Caesar is definitely a “prince charming” once he opens his eyes and heart and admits his true feelings for Vivian.But can Vivian trust her heart and COMPLETELY open up to Caesar and share her secret or will she continue to keep it buried with the rest of her past heartaches, and risk losing her one true love?!!

eBook Rival's Desire

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