Abduction with Malice

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Abduction with Malice ePUB ebook download Hi! My name's Keith, I live and write in a three hundred year old farm house in Lancashire England.
It's over ten years ago that I wrote my first novel (Michelle Must Die) for fun. It's said everybody has a book in them and that was my book. The problem was I enjoyed writing it, I lived the characters at times even became them so I was hooked. Mind you I've always believed if you know what's going to happen when you write it, so would your reader sense it. With that philosophy I don't plan like other writers I just write.
You, like me, will live with the characters as their lives unfold. The story for that moment in time will become part of your life.
Moreover, I promise, never will you ever know just what's around the next corner, until the very last page. To me that's the essence of a good adventure story .

eBook Abduction with Malice

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