Outrageous Detour

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Outrageous Detour ePUB ebook download Cosmic convergences, psychic pops and spiritual sojourns all wrapped up in
a funny, sexy, entertaining book. After a series of crazy psychic 'pops', Lulu
Glenn is drawn to ancient ruins on a mountaintop in Peru. She is quickly
catapulted on an 'Outrageous Detour' through ancient, sealed, underground
caverns with five other wacky tour members. At a crucial moment, three more
unexpected people join the mix and they all embark on a zany, mystical, and sexy
adventure that leads them to the sacred mountaintop of Machu Picchu. Armed with
supernatural powers, nine bonded buddies from different continents complete an
unexpected mission on the sacred mountaintop that houses the Lost City of the
Incas. Lulu Glenn undergoes a series of transformations along the way as she
realizes, accepts and finally relishes her role as a bumbling liaison between
worlds. Through overcoming unexpected inner and wild outer obstacles, Lulu
learns to clear her own well worn yet mist shrouded path to personal mastery.

About the Author

Lindy Anne Nisbet is a writer,
artist, astrologer and Holistic Health Practitioner living in Southern
California. She has cast astrological charts and read tarot all over the
country, has a small business painting personal mandalas, and obtained a license
to handle energy legally. During one of the many dry spells in her professional
22-year acting career, the Harmonic Convergence converged with a significant
birthday sending her on the cosmic roller coaster that resulted in this book.
Outrageous Detour is the first of three. A trilogy.

eBook Outrageous Detour

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