British Monarchy from Henry VIII

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British Monarchy from Henry VIII ePUB ebook download The Teach Yourself History series offers a refreshing alternative to academic historical books, its content being extensive yet written in an accessible and engaging style. All titles in this series are informative and compelling. Assuming no prior historical knowledge and full of anecdotes and fascinating details these books will keep the reader hooked from beginning to end. Teach Yourself The British Monarchy from Henry VIII gives the reader a unique insight into the monarchy and its development over the last 500 years. From Henry VIII and his six wives through to the intricacies of the Elizabethan Court, the madness of King George III, the alcoholism of Bonny Prince Charlie and the 'Royal family' as we know it today, this book will address the massive changes, developments and extraordinary figures that have characterized this captivating history. Consider how the monarchy has survived into the twenty-first century as one of the most photographed and newsworthy items in the world and how it attracts a certain kind of pity that only serves to emphasize its appeal.This book will entertain the reader with original anecdotes and stories as well as stimulate interest in one of the most intriguing traditions in the world.

eBook British Monarchy from Henry VIII

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