Today Was a Terrible Day

ePUB-file by Patricia Reilly Giff

Today Was a Terrible Day ePUB ebook download Today Was a Terrible Day is about a boy named Ronald Morgan who is having a rotten day. He was given the nickname “Snakey” for crawling under his desk, ate Jimmy’s lunch inside the coat closet by accident, splashed the water from the drinking fountain onto a third grader named Joy’s dress and many other horrible incidents. Joy’s third grader teacher told Miss Tyler, Ronald Morgan’s teacher, he would not make it to third grade if he couldn’t behave himself. Rosemary, a classmate said Ronald Morgan said he wouldn’t make it anyway since he could not read. After more upsetting incidents it was time to go home. Miss Tyler handed Ronald Morgan a note to take home and read, he could ask his mother for help if he needed to. Ronald Morgan was pleasantly surprised at what was to come next.

This picture book is great for any child who may feel behind in reading or is having some frustration. Although Ronald Morgan does through a hard day, he comes out victorious and his message may positively encourage children. The goofy pictures and characters give the story a lighter message and will keep the reader engaged.

eBook Today Was a Terrible Day

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