A Blessing of Toads

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A Blessing of Toads ePUB ebook download Through this collection of delightful essays and beautiful illustrations, long-time contributor to Country Living Gardner Sharon Lovejoy shares the boundless joys of a country garden. Lovejoy has chosen to focus on the natural world to be found just outside the door, including hummingbirds, caterpillars, and dragonflies, but her informative and witty prose also covers traditional plant care. The very titles of her sketches convey pleasure in the vibrant country landscape and the life that teems within it: The Bumble Bee Rumba, Faeries in the Fuschias (sphinx moths), Holiday Feasts for the Birds and the Beasts, and Conversations with Sunflowers. This compilation truly is to borrow another of her titles Something to Crow About. "

eBook A Blessing of Toads

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