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Untitled ePUB ebook download I started writing back in Dec of 2009 after I saw an interview with Stephenie Meyers.She told Oprah that she always had stories in her head and that struck a chord with me.Whenever I drive, I have all kinds of stories circulating in my mind.Generally, I am the star of this story and many wacky things happen.Of course, I make the story quite complimentary and beneficial to me.I guess you could say Meyers channeled my head case into a novel.

I am first a wife and a mother, as well as a restauranteur and a caterer.Writing is my last profession and a late-found one.I have a B.A. and an M.Ed from UCLA (yes, just like Emily) and taught 1st grade for four years till I had my first child, a son.Two years later, I had my daughter and the two kids ran my life till they both started school.My husband and I opened a restaurant in LA when we first got married and have been in the food service industry for almost 17 years.

I think I’ve always been a foodie at heart and though it sounds strange, loving food did not have anything to do with opening up a restaurant.That was all my husband’s idea.I didn’t even know I could cook till I got married.And then I discovered, I love cooking!I love everything related to food. Eating, first, cooking second, cleaning a definite last.I could do without the cleaning from the prep work and the mound of dishes created after a meal.But, that’s a whole other blog in and of itself.Whenever we plan a family trip, and especially when my husband and I go on a couple’s trip, it’s based around what we want to eat, or which restaurants we want to visit. Hubby and I did a trip to Austin one summer just to eat BBQ. The trip to Rome was for pasta, Tokyo was for ramen and sushi, and in Paris, we gorged on treats from all the beautiful patisseries. The two best meals of my life were at Taillevent and Joel Robuchon in Paris (I am amending this last sentence as I think the best meal of my life was the one I recently had at Masa in NYC).All of these places and restaurants sound familiar? :)NYC is our favorite city (and yes, Emily’s favorite city as well) for dining.But… I digress.

Even with the crazy schedule, I hope to keep writing.Entwined, my third novel, is out on Amazon and Smashwords, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo. And for those of you who have been with me from the beginning know that Indelible Lovin’ – Max & Jane’s Story is done and also sold at the e-retailers listed above, in two volumes.I am currently working on another story titled, Unlikely Attraction, as well as another Indelible Lovin’ blog story. I hope to see many more Reiders come Dec. 2013, when the new blog is unveiled.

Thank you for visiting my website and I am truly humbled and grateful for the outpouring of love Indelible Love and Entwined have received.Check back for updates on my writings, travels, and everything Reid/Taylor/Davis.


December, 2012

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