Der Schatten des Malers.

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Der Schatten des Malers. ePUB ebook download Despite my very good intentions, I can already tell where my new efforts at journaling are going to fail.For one thing, I have more time to spend reading (while eating, while waiting for my husband to pick me up at work, etc) than I have to spend writing about my reading.So, even though I���m making more notes as I read, and thinking more about my reading, the time to synthesize and distill those thoughts is lacking.Also, I read fast and a lot.Currently I���m seven books behind in my journal and I just know it���s going to get worse.

So. Even though I���d like to say something about this book, I���m at a loss.Because my youngest is sleeping on the sofa behind me, and I don���t want to wake her up turning on the light to see what I wrote in my notebook as I was reading.Seven books later I���m having a hard time remembering details.Okay first:my one big disappointment with the book.I really expected a traditional mystery-that-will-be-solved.

eBook Der Schatten des Malers.

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