The Ancient Hero

ePUB-file by Sean McMullen

The Ancient Hero ePUB ebook download The Ancient Hero is a stand-alone novel in the shared fantasy-world series, the Quentaris Chronicles.

"An ancient stalker prowls Quentaris. He seeks to destroy a powerful book of spells and has defeated the Murderer's Guild, the City Watch and the Militia. No one is safe, or so it seems, until a student called Zelder translates the spell that could be the key to his undoing... "

The Ancient Hero follows the story of fourteen year old Corran Cartessian, his older sister Zelder and Zelder’s friend Spandar. When Zelder’s tutor Veory gives her a rare and ancient book to translate, little does she know that a mysterious stalker is prowling Quentaris, looking for the book and all who may have read it, for contained within its pages are three extremely powerful spells.

Corran, Zelder’s self-appointed body guard, takes it upon himself to protect Spandar (view spoiler)