BirthSign (La Patron, The Alpha's Alpha Book 6)

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BirthSign (La Patron, The Alpha's Alpha Book 6) ePUB ebook download In BirthSign, Silas and Jasmine are in the midst of their mating celebration. Yes! It has been a
long, difficult road, but Silas wants the entire nation to see his gift from the Goddess and
prepares a lavish celebration that lasts four days. Before the first event the U.S. Government calls
in a favor and the ceremony takes a hit.
Jasmine voices her concerns over the request but accepts her mate’s explanation and the
ceremony continues. Midway through the celebration, Silas discovers he has been duped and
now has to deal with the Joint Chiefs, the President and worst… an angry mate.
As Jasmine comes to grips with just how powerful her mate is, he also realizes that she is just as
gifted and that it will take both of them working in harmony to rule their nation in BirthSign.
This is the sixth book in the La Patron series. Jasmine and Silas have persevered through so
much and their love shines brighter than ever. Although this is book six, hold on, because the
next book opens with Asia and her special connection to Jasmine. The story will continue…

eBook BirthSign (La Patron, The Alpha's Alpha Book 6)

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