Wildlands Philanthropy

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Wildlands Philanthropy ePUB ebook download In Wildlands Philanthropy, veteran conservation writer Tom Butler and world-class landscape photographer Antonio Vizcaíno take readers on a visually specacular tour of natural landmarks from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and around globe. With more than 350 pages, 170 color photographs, and a large-format design with exquisite production values, Wildlands Philanthropy is a book grand enough to tell the inspiring stories of people who saved extraordinary places. From Muir Woods National Monument to Acadia National Park, from beloved icons to obscure natural areas, the forty parks, refuges, and sanctuaries featured in the book represent the incredible diversity of wildlife habitats that have been saved through private initiative during the past century. The amazing people who invested their passion and wealth to secure these scenic treasures come from every walk of life and every corner of the country, suggesting that everyone—regardless of means—can join this great American tradition of individual action on behalf of wild nature.

eBook Wildlands Philanthropy

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