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About David ePUB ebook download Lynn and David have been best friends since they can remember,but everything is about to change when David murders himself and his parents. Nobody knows what to think it would never be the same without David. Lynn is traumatized; but the worst part is she can't remember what the last thing David and her had talked about. All she can remember is they talked in the lunch room. Lynn doesn't eat in the lunch room anymore, she's slowly gliding away from her friends, and just isn't the same person she was when David was around.
Lynn finds out her name is on David's will. David left her his guitar, and his notebooks? Lynn has no idea what these notebooks are. She later finds them in her attic and finds out there not just any ordinary notebooks, but that they contained David's thoughts and feelings. Lynn would soon find things out about David that nobody in the world ever knew.
I would have never seen myself reading a book like this, But my cousin Erica gave us a box of her old book's and I decided I'd give this one a try.
This book was really sad and I couldn't stand it! It seemed like everything between David and his parent's would turn out fine and then Bam! My favorite part was when Lynn found his notebooks and starting reading them because they were really interesting, even though they were also very sad.
I liked near the end of the book when Lynn felt at peace and remembered what David and her had talked about and just felt normal in a sense.
What I didn't like about the book was all the pain and sadness everybody went through when David did what he did. I could sort of see how Lynn was feeling I had a pretty good image of her in my mind.
Overall the book was very well written and I reccomend it to anyone but especially tennagers and young adults. I would definately read another novel by Susan Beth Pfeffer.

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