Stone Cold (Jesse Stone, #4)

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Stone Cold (Jesse Stone, #4) ePUB ebook download Jesse Stone has a major problem in Paradise in this fourth installment of Parker's Jesse Stone series.It seems a pair of thrill killers, man and wife, have come to Paradise with intent to keep their thrills alive.Parker does a wonderful job of letting the reader see what type of madness swirls within the minds of these types of people, while at the same time never trying to give blanket answers to why some people are this crazy.

But the killers are only a small portion of this book.It seems that Parker really wanted to get somewhere with Stone in this one.Of course there is still the wayward relationship of Jesse and his ex-wife, Jen, a weather reporter for Channel 3.I have to admit, I would have dropped Jen like a lead balloon, cut my losses and moved on.Jesse is different; he still loves her.Whatever...

There is also a rape subplot (three rich kids, loner girl) that really seemed to work.However, although I was not happy with how it was resolved, Parker concluded it in a way that makes sense, and probably in a manner that would happen today.(Think Duke lacrosse, even though we all know the twists and turns and lies in that case.)

But what worked for me the most in this book is how Parker comes out right away and tells the reader who the killers are.This worked because of the cat and mouse game played between Jesse and the killers; the reader sometimes had a hard time of deciphering who was the mouse and who was the cat during these scenes.

Overall, STONE COLD was a fun read and a great addition to the Parker pantheon.


eBook Stone Cold (Jesse Stone, #4)

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