The Murder of Henry VIII (Boniface, #1)

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The Murder of Henry VIII (Boniface, #1) ePUB ebook download As Boniface said when he took the job, how hard can it be to handle the press and publicity for the launch of a book about England's most famous Tudor monarch? But when the author is murdered, Boniface realizes the job demands more than he expected. And when the man he is talking with is shot, then he witnesses as a third person is forcibly drowned, and he finds he is being pursued by a former Russian Special Forces soldier, Boniface runs. He delays his death by trading the only thing of value he can offer his would-be assassin: proof of a 500-year-old cover-up. The only difficulty in making the trade is that Boniface can't prove what he knows is true-yet. If he finds and hands over the proof, the murderer has no incentive to keep him alive. If he lives, he has to explain the transaction for his life to his capricious paymaster. Boniface needs to unwrap what the dead author found, figure out why he was killed, protect his client's interests, and stay alive.

eBook The Murder of Henry VIII (Boniface, #1)

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