Pray Big

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Pray Big ePUB ebook download Do we test the Holy Spirit's patience with prayer that asks nothing of him? This might sound surprising at first blush, but most people have experienced being at a prayer meeting, in church, or (gasp ) in their own personal prayer time and hearing prayers like this: "God, bless Tom" or "God, just be with Sue in her need."
Will Davis Jr., pastor of Austin Christian Fellowship, calls believers to a more risky and rewarding practice of prayer. "Pray Big" teaches readers how to pray with biblical, pinpoint accuracy. In other words, it teaches them prayers that get things done. From audacious prayers for miracles to mundane prayers about lost car keys, Davis takes the reader from a point of weakness to one of boldness. As a result, readers will want to pray more, they will see more results from their prayers, and they will be emboldened to ask God for everything he has promised them.

eBook Pray Big

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