Java Examples in a Nutshell

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Java Examples in a Nutshell ePUB ebook download Java Examples in a Nutshell is chock full of practical real-world Java programming examples. The author of the bestselling Java in a Nutshell has created an entire book of example programs that you can learn from and modify for your own use. If you learn best "by example," this is the book for you.

This book is a companion volume to Java in a Nutshell. While Java in a Nutshell is a quick-reference at heart, it also includes an accelerated introduction to Java programming. Java Examples in a Nutshell picks up where that book leaves off, providing a suite of example programs for novice Java programmers and experts alike. This book doesn't hold your hand or supply detailed explanations of Java syntax or method calls; it simply delivers well-commented working examples that help you explore the wide range of what is possible with Java 1.1. Each chapter concludes with programming exercises that suggest further avenues for building on what you have learned.

Java Examples in a Nutshell contains all of the example programs from the first edition of Java in a Nutshell, completely updated for Java 1.1. In addition, the I/O, networking, and GUI chapters have been augmented to include even more practical examples. It also expands on the examples from the second edition of Java in a Nutshell that demonstrate the new features in Java 1.1, including the new AWT event handling model, the JavaBeans API, internationalization, object serialization, and reflection.

In addition, this book provides never-before-published programming examples for remote method invocation, database connectivity, and security — important elements of the Java Enterprise APIs. Finally, the book offers a glimpse of the features of "Swing," the set of new components that are part of the forthcoming Java Foundation Classes (JFC).

eBook Java Examples in a Nutshell

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