The Jake Thomas Trilogy

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The Jake Thomas Trilogy ePUB ebook download The Jake Thomas Trilogy is the tale of the adventures of Jake Thomas, a young man from Earth who finds himself transported to a world where magic and danger exist. This bundle includes all of the novels: A World Apart, Sword of Light, and The Eternal Darkness.

Jake Thomas thought he was having a bad day. An after-school encounter with a long-time rival had left him angry and dismayed, but little did he know that before the day was done, his life would be changed forever.

Suddenly and mysteriously transported to a strange new world, he finds himself alone and without a clue how or why he was brought there. Rescued and befriended by an enigmatic warrior and the magic-wielding clerics that protect the people of this world, Jake must uncover the purpose behind his transition and find his way home.

As he struggles to discover his answers, he faces a growing danger from the demons that exist on this world. They are aware of his presence and, for reasons unknown, move to capture him and bring him under their control.

In a race against the dark forces of the demons, he must confront his fears and journey on a quest to retrieve a source of great power, the only thing that can send him home.

eBook The Jake Thomas Trilogy

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