Shadows of New York

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Shadows of New York ePUB ebook download As the world lurches toward war, criminal masterminds try to carve out their own pieces of empire. One man, Dr. Shadows, fights for justice—not in upper class drawing rooms, but in smoky bars, crowded Chinatowns, teeming Asian cities, and even in ships being overrun by pirates. Accompanied by a feisty Chinese woman and a small but tough Irish fighter, Shadows uses his mind and a body shattered by the Japanese bullets that also killed his parents but rebuilt in a mountain monastery, to discover crime and evil... and confront them. Author Teel James Glenn is a long-time fan of the pulp fiction of the 1930s and creates a story that pays homage to the best of the genre while creating something new. He envisions Shadows as one of the heroes who could have been, but wasn't...until now. Glenn writes hard-charging action scenes based on his years as a stunt coordinator and fight choreographer. Shadows of New York is the first in Glenn's Shadows series.

eBook Shadows of New York

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