The White Dress

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The White Dress ePUB ebook download Stepping from the plane at Miami, lovely Marny Sanderson has a growing sense of the unexpected. The feeling heightens when at a secluded pool on her employer's fabulous Biscayne Bay estate, she finds herself yielding to the arms of a handsome stranger. It rises to sheer terror when she is caught up in a strange encounter that can lead only to murder!

She was the perfect secretary —- lovely to look at, easy to talk to, a model girl. But from the day that Andre Durant flashed into her office, cutting a gay path straight to her heart with his adoring smile... from that day her neat, safe world began to fall apart. In one week's vacation on the fabulous Florida island that was her boss' private estate, Marny's well-ordered life went topsy-turvey in a hurricane of turbulent emotion. She learned to know love, lust, horror, and fear... and she learned to face the fact that one of the small group of people she knew and loved was a killer —- A KILLER WHO WANTED HER.

eBook The White Dress

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