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Whistleblower ePUB ebook download This book is a first-person account of a Department of Energy whistleblower who fought for fairness and justice at our nation's lead nuclear research facility, the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). At the time he became a whistleblower Dennis Patterson was the "Ethics Officer" and manager of the Employee Concerns Program at the INL. Dennis was responsible for promoting high ethical standards and being an advocate for employee rights. The office was designated a "safe haven" for employees to report unethical or illegal conduct without fear of retaliation. While conducting an allegation of unfair termination Dennis soon discovered violations of company policy, regulations, and possible racial discrimination. During the investigation, management refused to cooperate, withheld evidence, manufactured evidence, and impugned Dennis' character. Nonetheless, justice was served and the employee was able to return to his job at the INL. Given the serious acts of misconduct Dennis desired to meet with the company president. It was at this point that Dennis became the subject of repeated and ongoing harassment and retaliation. This book is about Dennis' fight to make the INL a better laboratory. You will read about his efforts to make his community a better place to live as Dennis shares personal stories of his faith, family and friends and the incredible people he met along the way.

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