Learning to Pray

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Learning to Pray ePUB ebook download This is a great book by K.P. Yohannan, who is the founder and president of Gospel for Asia. The best part is it's a free download PDF file from the organization's website: http://www.gfa.org/resource
I really liked this book, because it really encourages me to start taking prayers seriously. There are many great examples of how prayers worked miraculous powers when Gospel for Asia's native missionaries prayed fervently. However, the only thing I didn't really like is how he didn't included a chapter about what to do when it seems like God is not answering yet & testing our patience... The chapter I like the most is the one about group prayers. About the need for a balance between guided & free prayers so there is organization. Also the reminder to center on God so there is actual praying going on when we pray with a friend instead of just sharing and talking without including God with prayers.

Favorite Quote: (Pages 7-8)
"The need for prayer is felt in all aspects of our lives. Whether it has to do with our families, children, education, daily needs, ministry, relatives, friends or the many other concerns that can fill our days, the necessity of prayer is always present.
But despite that, the question remains: Do we honestly take time to pray? If we do pray, how much time do we really spend in prayer? We may spend hours each day talking to friends and family members about the things in our lives, but do we even spend at least one hour with the Lord in prayer, talking with Him?
I believe our lack of prayer is because so few of us truly know how to pray. I know that in the early days of my Christian life, I had no clue what prayer really was. I would close my eyes, and in a few short minutes, I would run out of things to say. It wasn't until learning from older brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as from books on prayer, especially those of E.M. Bounds, that I began to grow in my prayer life."

eBook Learning to Pray

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