Going Home ~ A Short Story

ePUB-file by Lisa Barnes

Going Home ~ A Short Story ePUB ebook download Kim wants what everyone should have; love, safety, security – all the things that make a home. Luke is all a woman could want – on the outside.
The only love Kim gets, is the kiss of Luke’s fist as he reminds her over and over how much he cares, the secure knowledge that she will spend the rest of her days in pain and the only form of safety she feels is when she is around those like her – the victims.
After seeking a brief reprieve from the harsh reality of her life, Kim returns home to Luke, warring between fear for her sanity and her fear of being alone. But as that door slams shut behind her and she is cut off from the world, the battered and bruised soul within her wonders whether Luke will ever let her find her way back home.

eBook Going Home ~ A Short Story

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