The Stuart Agenda

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The Stuart Agenda ePUB ebook download Scotland is on the way to independence. What if the royal bloodline of the Stuarts had survived and one of their heirs mounted a claim to the Scottish throne? The Stuart Agenda describes a conspiracy to get, Robert, Scion of that family, back onto the throne of an independent Scotland, displacing the Hanoverians who took the British throne from his family in the seventeenth century. The plot is hatched by his family who secretly build the return of a Stuart monarchy into the manifesto of a new Scottish Independence Party. The conspiracy is eventually discovered by the secret service who harass the young pretender. The tables are turned when he becomes rugby captain of Scotland and meets and falls in love with the gorgeous Princess Victoria, the team's patron and second-in-line to the British throne. The dynastic compromise of their marriage gets him onside with the British establishment except for hard-line elements within the security services and his own family. As the political process looks like delivering a good result, can he overcome the final obstacles to achieving his life's ambition?

eBook The Stuart Agenda

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