The Girl Who Can't Say No

ePUB-file by Ashley Spector

The Girl Who Can't Say No ePUB ebook download When the anxious and timid actress Chloe Everett turns up to audition for a minor movie role, it's just another nerve-wracking day. For the quiet and darkly handsome producer Daniel Grant however, it's an unspoken opportunity. Beset by the nerves that have plagued her since childhood, Chloe agrees to one more audition, alone with the billionaire movie magnate...

What she finds is a man as sensitive and vulnerable as she is, with a taste for indulging his darker fantasies, and he duly offers her the role of a lifetime; so long as she doesn't say no. Bracing herself for the ride to follow, the unlikely lovers are soon inextricably bound in a dark and seductive journey to discover their true natures.

Will Daniel's enigmatic and hidden secrets be too much for naive Chloe to handle? As he pushes her to her very limits, are they strong enough to remain together?

This steamy eBook is a compilation of the first three volumes of Ashley Spector's The Girl Who Can't Say No series. A sordidly delicious, sexually-charged and abundantly addictive novel, The Girl Who Can't Say No will captivate, beguile, and enthrall you!

An excerpt from within:

"Okay," I finally say between gritted teeth, feeling myself melt under the pressure, "and what would I have to do for you?"

I feel I already know the answer. I bat my knees together, and try to ignore what feels like a growing excitement between my legs, enthralled at the very prospect of being a billionaire's sordid assistant. Now he doesn't hide it. He breaks out into a beaming smirk that reveals to me almost every one of his impeccably white teeth.

"Anything and everything I say, Miss Everett. It's the best sort of working relationship there is." The mere mention of the word relationship has my ears burning. I take a sip of wine, finding the taste rather too bitter and fruity. I'd hate to know how much he paid for it. "Of course, there would be the necessary disclosure documents to sign, contracts, whatever. But right now, I just want to know if you're interested."

The unhappy thought enters my mind; I know so little about him. I mean, when you meet up with a guy, and consider surrendering yourself to him, shouldn't you at least do more than search Wikipedia for his name? I'm just stalling the inevitable, though, as I feign indifference, trying my best to present a face of indecision. I know fully well what I'm going to do. It's truly an offer I don't dare refuse.

"Yes." I say, solely, opening my mind to the possibilities of characters he'd want me to portray for him, all of them submissive, and all of them delighting in the opportunity to give themselves wholly to their billionaire host.

"Good," is all he offers, sipping from his glass quietly, in a demeanor no different from having concluded some generic business deal. I sit nervously, tapping at the table with my fingernail, before he continues; "then, do something for me, right now."


"Take off your underwear."

eBook The Girl Who Can't Say No

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