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Contented Little Baby Book ePUB ebook download The prospect of bringing a tiny baby home for the first time is daunting. Horror stories of sleep-starved nights, inconsolable crying and feeding on demand can make any proud parent fearful of the future. Maternity nurses have long been used as live-in babycare tutors who will settle your baby as well as boost your confidence; this book promises to do the same and for a fraction of the price! Gina ford uses her years of experience in caring for hundreds of different babies to produce a plan that will ensure your baby is happy and contented. She believes that simple routines can avoid months of sleepless nights, colic and feeding difficulties that many people believe are a normal part of parenting. Her babies feed regularly and well, never have colic and sleep through the night at six to eight weeks. Practical and calm and using lots of parent-friendly schedules and time-plans, The Contented Little Baby Book has already worked for hundreds of mothers and babies all over the world. Now it can work for you.

eBook Contented Little Baby Book

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