Dress Me Up

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Dress Me Up ePUB ebook download Erica's husband loves to dress her up. Tonight, she finds her clothes all laid out for her — and she can't believe how slutty they are. She'll be wearing white, all right — but she'll look like anything but a virgin. Her husband has laid out a tiny, slutty dress that leaves nothing to the imagination, with lingerie and high heels that only make Erica look even more like a whore. By the time she's dressed, she looks nothing like the polite wife she used to be — and more like the shameless exhibitionist slut she's about to become.

Her husband takes her to a swanky hotel bar for a few drinks, promising her a night of steamy sex in a hotel room room he's booked. But when he tells her he's leaving her alone in the bar and that she's to stay and have a drink...Erica just can't help herself. What's more, she knows what her husband requires of her. She finds herself a handsome stranger — one who charms her at first, only to turn rude and aggressive. Turning Erica on more and more with his promises of just what he'll do to her, he gets her so aroused and humiliates her so completely that she's helplessly under his power. No matter how rude, cruel and savage this nasty stranger is, Erica just can't seem to say no to him.

So when the aggressive stranger drags Erica into a stairwell, it isn't long before that very sexy dress hits the floor, and Erica really can't say no...

Approximately 6,400 words long, "Dress Me Up" is a sexually explicit work of Domination/submission erotica. This story is intended only for an adult audience. It contains explicit descriptions of Domination, submission, exhibitionism, public sex, role play, erotic humiliation and oral, vaginal and anal sex. Do not read it if you find such depictions offensive.

eBook Dress Me Up

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