MAD About Super Heroes, Version 2.5

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MAD About Super Heroes, Version 2.5 ePUB ebook download In MAD About Super Heroes, Version 2.5: Bigger! Faster! Dumber! MAD Magazine's "Usual Gang of Idiots" turn their most lethal weapon—incredibly dumb humor—on the most legendary super heroes, heroines, and villains of comic books, graphic novels, movies, and television. Risking life and limb for a few (cheap) laughs, they satirize all those larger-than-life characters who keep the world safe and the Spandex manufactureers in business: Batman! The X-Men! The Incredible Hulk! The Fantastic Four! Watchmen! Thor! Green Lantern! Superman!

The most formidable costumed avengers are subjected to relentless parodic pummelings and super hero smackdown in magazine covers, fold-ins, and Spy vs. Spy strips. And artist/writer Sergio Aragones turns his merciless wit on Spider-Man, The Incredibles, and the San Diego Comic-Con, to name just a few victims.

eBook MAD About Super Heroes, Version 2.5

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