Billionaire's Game (Billionaire's Court Book 1)

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Billionaire's Game (Billionaire's Court Book 1) ePUB ebook download The first part of BILLIONAIRE'S COURT, a three-part series from Amazon bestselling author, Jayna King.

Isabelle Malone is a fierce women’s rights attorney with a high profile case that’s sure to set her up as a legal star in Washington DC. She has no idea that a single tennis lesson could change her life.

Jack Jarrett, sexy, confident billionaire, keeps the truth about his fortune to himself. He uses tennis lessons as a way to meet women, and he’s happy to have his way in the bedroom and move on … until he meets Isabelle.

Faced with the most difficult case of her career, Isabelle knows that it’s foolish to get involved with a man whose insatiable lust is known far and wide, but she realizes that there’s more to the secret billionaire than meets the eye. Will Jack give up his game and tell Isabelle the truth? Will Isabelle play it smart … or will she allow herself to be seduced by a billionaire?

Note: This ends in a cliffhanger. Parts Two (Billionaire's Set) is out Now and Part Three (Billionaire's Match) will be released within the next few weeks.

eBook Billionaire's Game (Billionaire's Court Book 1)

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