Shining Star (All That Glitters #2)

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Shining Star (All That Glitters #2) ePUB ebook download Shining Star follows Mika through the next stage of her life, without Asia and Tamar. Mika has taken the bumps and bruises that are involved with the street life. She is facing prison time and she has lost custody of her son, Kian. Everyone has turned against her. Mika has lost it all and does not know how to get it back. Her love for the streets and people who do not care about her has proven that people only love you when you are on top, and would much rather see you fall. Mika is finding it hard to, make it without Tamar and resist a persistent drug dependency. She latches on to a drug dealer for support and love. Tyquan is younger and more involved in the streets than Tamar was but she can t seem to see the obvious, that she is traveling down another dead end road. The relationship with Tyquan is what she thinks she needs because he is there for her. Mika is not thinking rationally. She must find her way out of the darkest moments of her life. Mika must put the pieces of her life back together one day at a time. She must become stronger than her obstacles, her enemies, and her family issues to find the light and become a Shining Star. We are all Shining Stars, no matter who we are, and when the problems in your life take you down, the truth is the only way for you to pick yourself up and let your light shine! Mika is determined to do just that!

eBook Shining Star (All That Glitters #2)

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