Oh God Please Teach Me to Pray

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Oh God Please Teach Me to Pray ePUB ebook download ***Wise words from a prayer warrior who continues to struggle with cancer***

Leighann McCoy’s new “Oh God, Please…” series is for anyone, but especially for those who feel, distant from God, who struggle with doubt, unanswered prayer or catastrophic illness. Leighann’s hard won insights and wisdom were earned in the “darkest moments” of her life, moments that she used humor, authenticity and prayer to cope with.

She serves as prayer and women’s minister alongside her husband Tom, senior pastor at Thompson Station Church, TN where besides her other duties, she fought and won her first battle with cancer in 2010. Since then she went on to experience “…a flood, a prodigal child, and an unexpected grandchild…” in just the past two years and now—cancer again.

Today she’s recovering from surgery that removed a large part of her cancerous liver just as her book series, “Oh God, Please,” released with teachings on doubt and prayer. Her messages are fueled from personal experience because she’s “…living the messages…” she writes about.
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eBook Oh God Please Teach Me to Pray

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