Looking After Murphy

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Looking After Murphy ePUB ebook download Granny Lally is quite a character, and kids who open this book are in for plenty of laughs. Granny Lally can't stop telling tall tales—and her grandchildren never know when to believe her. When the kids go off on vacation with their parents, Granny Lally promises to take care of their pet hamster. All goes well for several days—until Granny starts singing a song while taking her bath. It's all too awful for the hamster, who runs away. Granny searches high and low, but she can't find the hamster anywhere. What is she going to do? The wacky solution that Granny Lally finally dreams up brings this comical story to a super-hilarious climax. The full-color illustrations on every page are as funny as the story itself.

eBook Looking After Murphy

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