Trouble in a White Dress

ePUB-file by Alice Sharpe

Trouble in a White Dress ePUB ebook download WEDDING BELL BLUES

Cameron Nance throws back her bridal veil, shoves her bouquet into her dismayed father's hands, and walks out on her wedding. Her cheating fiance can wait by the altar forever — all she wants now is to get as far away from him as fast as she can. Even if it means jumping into the first convertible she sees!

David Cutter is at the wheel. But he was only looking for a parking space. Then Cameron begs him to put the pedal to the metal — and he can't say no. This runaway bride is irresistibly lovely — a vision in white. The handsome bachelor is instantly smitten. In fact, he can even imagine himself saying... "I do."

eBook Trouble in a White Dress

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