The Dark Side of Desire

ePUB-file by Michelle Reid

The Dark Side of Desire ePUB ebook download She could run . . . but she couldn't hide.

No longer the shattered teenager who had left Thornley vowing never to return, Rebecca Shaw had come to terms with the legacy of Jay Lorence's betrayal and had built a new life on HER terms. But her mother needed her now—and nothing could keep Rebecca from going home.

Ten years melted in Jay's embrace; his kiss reopened old wounds and ignited forgotten temptations. Every instinct warned her to run before her hard-worked-for peace and stability came crashing down.

Rebecca had a new life—one she had no intention of letting Jay invade. But keeping a man like Jay at arm's length was next to impossible—especially when it wasn't what she really wanted to do.

eBook The Dark Side of Desire

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