Beginning to Pray

ePUB-file by Anthony Bloom

Beginning to Pray ePUB ebook download Accessible but not simplistic.A welcome and far cry from the rote spiritual pablum I was raised on regarding prayer in daily life.Bloom explains that prayer starts (and often ends) in silence, an attitude that echoes much I've read about meditation.

My favorite passage describes an elderly French peasant who spends hours on end every day sitting quietly in the village church, apparently doing nothing.Perplexed, the priest finally asks the old man what he's doing.He replies, "I look at Him, He looks at me, and we are happy."Charming but also revealing of the Bloom's view of prayer as an act of patience above all.

I would've liked to have read this quietly encouraging little book 30 years ago, but such was my impatience and youthful arrogance back then thatI doubt it would've had much impact.(middle age does have some benefits)

eBook Beginning to Pray

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