Fireworks (The MacKenzie Family, #3.5)

ePUB-file by Liliana Hart

Fireworks (The MacKenzie Family, #3.5) ePUB ebook download Maggie MacKenzie wants nothing more than to hold her own child in her arms. But after three years of marriage, she and Riley have yet to conceive. The heartbreak of disappointment is almost more than she can stand.

Riley MacKenzie would do anything for his wife, and watching the sadness fill her eyes every time she holds a new niece or nephew is torture. He decides what Maggie needs is a no stress vacation where they can concentrate on—certain bedroom matters. But their vacation ends up mirroring the first time they met in more ways than one, and they realize that spontaneity is sometimes the best way to get what you want.

eBook Fireworks (The MacKenzie Family, #3.5)

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