Den jag aldrig var

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Den jag aldrig var ePUB ebook download It was such a good reading, though there were hard moments. I had to reread parts few times or go back couple of pages to check to what somebody was referring or who he/she was. It's the twisted mind of MA, which sometimes makes it difficult to follow but in the end, it's very rewarding to completed the story. MA poses questions which are uncomfortable, which drill you inside out and cause pain. She forces you to reflect on this that we would like to avoid, let alone forget. Many things happen without our consciousness, what's even worse without us being able to decide. In the end, who decides what kind of parents one would have, who decides where to be brought up and which religious group to follow if any at all? And then those little decides we take that we don't put much value to, as they don't seem to be of importance, those little gestures and weaknesses which seem trivial at that point but can have dire consequesnces later on. But this is not a book about helplessness... I'd say very much on the contrary.

eBook Den jag aldrig var

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