Murder by Deceit...the Killer in the High-Rise

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Murder by Deceit...the Killer in the High-Rise ePUB ebook download Lured to the scene by her superior, John Angley, in one afternoon Crystalin Morgan goes from successful executive of the Waterfield Research and Development Corporation to alleged assassin. She witnesses a cold-blooded murder and goes into shock when John himself accuses her. With only the two of them at the scene of the crime, John holds the incriminating evidence. Suddenly she does not understand this man she has loved so intimately since the disappearance of Steele McClain, developer of a much sought-after formula against a dreaded disease.Escaping her incarceration, she becomes enmeshed in a web of deceit, kidnapping, and international espionage. These exploits take Crystalin across the country to a mountain cabin, deserted church basement, and luxurious seaside motel, in an experience of terror, love and intrigue.To prove her innocence, Crystalin must sort friend from enemy, including her lawyer's intent during the formidable court trial, and the surprisingly inspiring ending.

eBook Murder by Deceit...the Killer in the High-Rise

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