Meridian, Vol. 3

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Meridian, Vol. 3 ePUB ebook download Meridian is the story of Sephie, a sheltered young girl whose life resembles nothing so much as a fairy tale.The beloved only child of the Minister of Meridian, she grows up with an entire floating city as her playground.Then her father dies, and she inherits a sigil imbued with the power to create.So does her wicked Uncle Ilahn, except that his powers are bent on destruction and domination.Suddenly Sephie finds herself at the center of a power struggle, and quickly she learns that there is more than love in the world.Thrust into the role of Minister by her father's untimely death, using the powers she was granted by the mysterious sigil she bears, Sephie is out to wrest control of her world from her cruel Uncle Ilahn.In this volume, she takes to piracy to disrupt the trade routes Ilahn controls, but discovers that his own power extends beyond energy into the politics of contracts and influence.In a fight between two people given godlike powers, who wins? Meridian offers a young adventure hero for girls without leaving out the boys. All the alien wonder of a sci-fi fantasy world and the familiar trials of being sixteen years old are brought to life in a series that does for fantasy what "Harry Potter" does for magic.

eBook Meridian, Vol. 3

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