Kartun Benny & Mice

ePUB-file by Benny Rachmadi

Kartun Benny & Mice ePUB ebook download Reading this for preparation of my upcoming Bali trip, hahaha.

Always been a big fan of Benny & Mice cartoon. Fresh and full of witty commentaries. This one is no exception. Although I've been there several times and visited most of the attractions pictured (although never tried the sling shot—yeah it's not authentically Bali, I know, but looks like FUN), this book is still interesting to read.

Note to self : definitely going to try sling shot. And bungee jumping if the facility is still there, haha. They did not respond to my booking e-mail though... (ok let's continue the I-want-to-bungee-jump-but-they-IGNORE-me somewhere else, haha)

eBook Kartun Benny & Mice

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