Long Wait, the with CD

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Long Wait, the with CD ePUB ebook download This book is a great book for teaching estimation and it is a part of the Math Matters Collection. This book is about two boys, Josh and Zack who are at an amusement park and are waiting in line to ride the Cosmic Beetle. They both agree that it is an extremely long line so they decide to estimate how many people are line, how many people can ride at a time, and how long it takes the ride to complete a cycle. This book is great for me as a teacher because it focuses on one particular math concept: estimation. It also shows students how they can use estimation in real life situations. This book also integrates mathematics and reading. On the last page of this book, it has an Estimation Chart which would be helpful to help students to summarize their knowledge of estimation. The book also provides hints for students to use such as; rounding, counting by tens, and much more. Overall, this is a very good book!!!

eBook Long Wait, the with CD

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