First Girl Last

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First Girl Last ePUB ebook download Party Rock at the White House? Meet the clueless young leaders of the free world, 15-year-old First Girl Jeanie and her slacker bro Hoban, the newly-installed U.S. President. In this hilarious romantic comedy of errors, Jeanie is on a doomed quest for self-improvement. She's certain her life algorithm (Jeanie, First Girl = Cloistered Nun + Juvenile Detention x Solitary Confinement) will improve if she can only:

Ditch the White House.
Lose poundage.
Rock a pair of killer heels.
Turn her hunky, brooding Secret Service bodyguard into her own personal minion.
Crack the secret identity of a 5-year-old cyber-stalker.

Join the raucous birthday bash when Hoban throws a $30,000 per plate combo political fundraiser/Sweet Sixteen Pig Roast for Jeanie on the South Lawn, attended by mega-rich bigwigs, unscrupulous politicians, icky lechers, rowdy protestors, and a tipsy party girl claiming she's been abducted by aliens.
How will our nation survive?

eBook First Girl Last

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