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Painted Lady ePUB ebook download Born in the USA... a long, looooong time ago.
I held many knock-about jobs before going to college, and after two with the government: a geodesist traveling all over the world: and a systems computer programmer, traveling back and forth to work: and now, retired, a full-time writer which I had been doing all along.Also during this time I managed to hammer and nail a 3400 square foot house together and build three sailboats.
I sold my first story, a novella called Hi Diddle Diddle, to Analog Magazine in 1968, sold a movie option on it, and thought my career was made, but it was thirty years before I was published again with Bloody Bonsai, the first of the Elderhostel Mysteries.Four more in the series followed.
My latest novel is THEFALTESEMALCOM.Within its pages you'll find adventure, love, laughter, a hard-boiled mystery, a walk on the fantasy side with time travel.It's a humorous take-off on the Maltese Falcon, a Harry Potter entertainment for adults.
The Faltese Malcom is published through Create Space, an Amazon company, along with If They Ask for a Hand, Only Give Them a Finger, and soon to be published, Capitol Coven.Both books are available on CDs.
Some time back I started a free newsletter called BookMarc, lessons and advice in fiction writing.It led to a contract and the publishing of Easy Reading Writing, easy reading about writing easy reading, BookMarc newsletter is ongoing, restarted recently, and everyone is welcome to join the list by emailing me with 'subscribe BookMarc', it's free and can be stopped anytime.
I'm still not a NYT bestseller.I'm still not a millionaire.Nor do I rule the universe.
But my Father does.

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