The Wind Masters

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The Wind Masters ePUB ebook download Even people with little interest in birds will stop in their tracks at the sight of a hawk soaring overhead or a falcon perched on a window ledge. Birds of prey have an aura few creatures have. In his acclaimed Hawks in Flight, Pete Dunne showed what birds of prey look like. In The Wind Masters, he shows what it is like to be a bird of prey. He takes us inside the lives and minds of all thirty-four species of day-flying raptors found in North America - hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures, the osprey, and the harrier - and shows us how each bird sees the world, hunts its prey, finds and courts its mate, rears its young, grows up, grows old, and dies. Vividly written and beautifully illustrated, The Wind Masters does for the birds of prey what Peter Matthiessen's The Wind Birds does for shorebirds.

eBook The Wind Masters

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