Dark Village (3venner #5)

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Dark Village (3venner #5) ePUB ebook download Haven't been reading in this book (or series, for that matter) for a while, and I feel so guilty!
Cause this is the most exciting book so far; we finally find out which one of the girls dies. It starts with the funeral, where every girl gets ready. But one of them is from the day she gets murdered...
Love still blooms though, despite sad times. As more and more people (mostly the adults) get connected, we get closer to the murderer. The girls are questioned by the police, but they don't get any closer to solving the murder. But the girls do...
They hatch a plan to catch the bad guy, and totally nail it! But just when we think things are all good, another bad thing happens at the very end of the book.

So yeah, we're finally getting somewhere in this series! The murder(s) we have been waiting for has finally occurred. There's less teenage crap (hahahah) and more mystery. I think I only own the next book now, so that better be satisfying, or else I will have to buy the rest of the series!

eBook Dark Village (3venner #5)

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