For Better, For Murder

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For Better, For Murder ePUB ebook download I have found another good book written by one of our Goodreads Authors, Lisa Bork! It was well worth the 5 stars I gave it read the following brief summary and you will want to read it also. It is a good summer read for the beach, Mystery, love, and good writing style, Thank you Lisa I have a few others to read but I do have your second in this series and I will be reading it soon.

Jolene Asdale is one sale away from becoming a successful Finger Lakes businesswoman. But her dream gets derailed when a dead body rolls out of the shiny Ferrari in her exotic car showroom, instantly taking her from entrepreneur to murder suspect.

Arriving on the scene to investigate is Deputy Ray Parker, Jolene's almost-ex-husband, whose suspicions are raised when he learns of Jolene's public (and allegedly violent) argument with the victim. When Ray discovers wads of cash in her home—along with signs that Jolene is colluding with her unpredictable, fugitive sister—he is all but convinced of Jolene's guilt. But could a spite-driven local be trying to frame her? Or is an out-of-towner trying to taint the popular tourist town?

Facing bankruptcy, a murder conviction, and divorce from the man she still loves, Jolene will do whatever it takes to solve the crime and save herself from a loveless life behind bars . . . even if it means careening into the path of a killer.

From the thrill of exotic sports cars to the ups and downs of family life, For Better, For Murder kicks off a unique new mystery series.

eBook For Better, For Murder

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