Unexpected Peril (Alissia Roswell series, Book Three)

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Unexpected Peril (Alissia Roswell series, Book Three) ePUB ebook download Tianna Holley lives outside of Atlanta with her husband and children and has always been an avid reader of fantasy novels. She began writing poetry and short stories in her youth but did not pursue her passion for writing until later in life.

Although her writing tends to have violence and romance, she considers herself a PG-13 writer. Her novels do not contain curse words, and her sexual content is limited to heated kissing. You can learn more about her writing style in one of her blog posts at http://tiannaholley.com/being-a-pg-13....

She enjoys talking to her readers and offers free Skype chats to book clubs that have read her writing.

When she's not typing on her laptop or running after her children, she can usually be found in her kitchen baking and teaching others how to cook with healthy and natural ingredients. She also loves organic gardening.

You can learn more about Tianna and sign up for her monthly newsletter to receive exclusive insights into her current work in progress by going to http://www.tiannaholley.com.

eBook Unexpected Peril (Alissia Roswell series, Book Three)

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