Mother's Blessing

ePUB-file by Penina Keen Spinka

Mother's Blessing ePUB ebook download She was born a victim of prophecy.
Expected to lead—not one, but three tribes.
And born a girl.

Instantly rejected by her father.
Forced, by her uncle, to leave her village.
And left with the knowledge that her birth was responsible for the strife between two peoples.

But Four Cries has a gift.
She understands rejection.
And the folly of allowing others to determine one’s fate.
And when the time for her vision quest arrives, she understands that differences mean . . . possibility.

Reminiscent of Scott O’Dell’s Island of the Blue Dolphins, Mother’s Blessing is a brief tale of a young Chumash girl on a great quest. The story is based on a real Native American legend, and I liked the realistic interpretation of Coyote and Momoy.

eBook Mother's Blessing

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